Into the Quiet

Into the Quiet is a collection of hauntingly beautiful portraits of trees and the mysterious world of the forest.
Anyone who knows Sam will know that he likes nothing more than to escape the hustle and noise of the city and immerse himself in the quiet and majesty of a great forest where he remains for days, completely cut off from the world outside.

This body of work characterises the internally epic proportions and mystery that the artist feels, when alone and still, surrounded by the unrivaled beauty and immensity of nature and her trees.

“Like the human portraits I capture, trees have a character all of their own. They are solitary or weak, strong or proud. They entwine and mingle or stand alone. Trees are the subconscious of the landscape, they hold ideas as to how we might rescue our lives.”

All the images are shot using a large format camera and polaroid film. Pelly then uses a chemical technique, stumbled across by accident, while processing the polaroid’s negatives. This new technique gives an old appearance which also enhances the wonderful, ethereal and epic quality of this body of work.

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