Sam Pelly

Sam Pelly is a photographer, poet and artist. He received considerable exposure following his 2002 London exhibition “Broken Hearts”, a visual poem charting the birth and decline of Ireland’s architecture.

He has recently shot campaigns for Pfizer, P&O Cruise & Sunseeker and photographs frequently for such publications as The Telegraph, Tatler, and Condenast Traveller.

He is driven by light and life; by the richness of the human condition and by the magnificence and beauty of landscape. In between commercial assignments, he spends much of his time in the mountains of Andalucia in his old Land-Rover, Betty, with large format camera, canvas bedroll and stove, entranced by the infinite mystery of it all.

Clients Include:

Cartier, The Evening Standard, Vogue, Life Magazine, Condenast Traveller,

Monocle, Pfizer, P&O, Geographical magazine, Cordon Rouge, Gibson Guitars, Massum Architects.